Friday News Update – November 27th


Really – no Black Friday spiel, just a lot of gaming goodies.

But first up, a huge thank you to Colinomicon and the crew for their live play-though of our a|state Primer, ‘Nicely, Done’. They really enjoyed their time in The City, and if you’d like to join them, you can find their adventures on YouTube.

You can also add a touch of The City’s dystopia to your office meetings – with our a|state Zoom backgrounds!

a|state Zoom Background

Or, if you’re in a more monstrous frame of mind – we have Beowulf ones, as well!

Beowulf Zoom Background

We also have a BIG ANNOUCEMENT coming VERY SOON. I know we’ve hinted about this before… but it IS coming, it IS big, and it IS something you’ll want for your next 5e campaign.

Whatever the dragon, the dungeon, the DM, or the daring delver… this one is just for you…

Something Big Is Coming…

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And (of course) Christmas is getting close! If you’ve got your tree up already, then you need some great gaming gifts for the rest of your Questing Party. For the rogue? Map tiles. For the wizard? Dice. For the cleric? Iconic jewellery. For the fighter? Well, there’s a little BEOWULF in all of us…

Beowulf Dice Trays

And in the subject of BEOWULF, this is the VERY LAST CALL – make sure you get that Late Pledge in on Crowd Ox. We are shutting the longhouse doors next week!

Beowulf Late Pledge

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