The first copy of Maskwitches Redux Edition is here!

Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland heads back to kickstarter next week. We’ve remade all the imagery in the book to be completely human-made, and we’ve expanded the book.

The work is all done, as you can see in the video – the book is complete and ready to print, and we’re really excited to get Maskwitches titles back in production. If that is we can fund the initial print run!

That’s not a dead cert, so please do give the campaign a follow, and if you like what you see tell some friends and encourage them to get involved too!

The Redux Edition is longer than the first version, coming in at 168 pages (rather than 144) and there are some new sections.

• There’s a piece that gives you a load of things your witches know, as prompts to help them decide what to do. Not every group needs this, but it’s a bit of extra help if inspiration is thin on the ground.

• There’s a section to generate how your witch remembers becoming a witch. Whether or not this is strictly factual is entirely up to you.

• There’s a suggested optional mechanic if your group really, really must track injuries, This uses your shared masks as a pool of resources which can take damage and be repaired.

• And there’s a new optional mechanic for should it happen at the table that players just cannot work out any way to use your masks or amulets to approach an obstacle.

Follow along with all the backstage, behind the scenes, making of stuff here: