The a|state Risk/Reward Grid free at DrivethruRPG

One of the many useful innovations in a|state second edition is the Risk/Reward grid. 

This grid, is a useful tool for tracking the manipulations of risk and reward.

When the GM sets the risk and reward, put a marker of some kind on the appropriate square.

It is easy then to move the marker around to reflect changes from special abilities, pushing, teamwork, or going bigger or smaller. After making a roll, take the highest die result and put it on the appropriate reward square. This ensures the result is clear to everyone, making the resolution (rewards and consequences) easier to work out.

In this free download you’ll find the Risk/Reward grid as a printable PDF, an ink saving version, and a single page PDF with the above instructions for your reference.
The grid is compatible with other Forged in the Dark games.