So you got your BEOWULF on for $9.99… what next?

The Bundle of Holding deal runs for a little while longer, so there’s still time to grab yours before it sails off into the sunset. Get it here.

As part of the deal you will have grabbed:
• The BEOWULF Age of Heroes core setting and rulebook PDF
• Horror at Herrogate adventure
• The Witches and the Wyrm adventure
• Seven Stones adventure
• The Elfshot adventure
• The Beowulf Art Book

That’ll set you up for a whole lot of play! There’s an adventure in the corebook too, and the Hermit’s Sanctuary adventure is free. You’ll need to grab the free version of 5e from the web if you don’t have a working version to hand. No need to spend any money to do that though!

So what else is there for BEOWULF? You certainly have a lot to use already, but there’s more!

You can really get the deluxe experience with the hardcover book. Selected retailers stock it, and you can always buy it direct from us.

Helmet by Wyrmwick creations

Digital Packs

A really inexpensive and accessible way to add to your BEOWULF game is through our Digital Packs. There are currently 10 available, with an 11th imminent. You can read all about them here. Or head straight to DrivethruRPG here.


You have the first 4 adventures for BEOWULF in your Bundle. But there are three more titles available right now: Ear of Stone by Elaine Lithgow, The Triple Serpent by Gareth Hanrahan, and The Serpent of Glinnredïn by Jacob Rodgers.


The BEOWULF Annual 2022 is a print book which collects together all the written content from the first 8 Digital packs. So it has all the articles, monsters, new optional rules from those packs, but not the music, vtt tokens, maps and the like. You can also get the Annual in PDF.

The Trials of the Twin Seas is in pre-order now. This gorgeous book collects the first 6 BEOWULF adventures into one hardback.


We love an accessory at Handiwork Games, and we make some really nice ones. It remains the case that for all our games these fancy Add Ons can be easily replaced with some coins or counters, and a pencil and paper. You don’t have to have them at all. But its nice to get fancy sometimes – especially when you’re playing a two player RPG.

You can bring your game to life with two different sets of Inspiration tokens – metal and MDF – and an inspiration mat.

We also make a special set of suitably hero-sized Q Workshop BEOWULF dice, which gives you the pattern welded effect Hero die, and one each for the Church of the Book and The Old Ways. And of course we have a range of BEOWULF dice trays in which to roll them!


We have a really lovely boxed set of BEOWULF miniatures available too. It features 8 Hero models, based on the pregenerated characters from The Hermit’s Sanctuary, plus a trollish monster – Muthbona the Eater from The Hermit’s Sanctuary.

And that’s not all! There are more things including the BEOWULF compass, Story cards, STLs, wonderful poster art prints and more in our store.