RPG Saints Sketchbook – final days!

There are just a handful of hours remaining to back the kickstarter for Wayne Reynolds’ RPG Saints Sketchbook! The campaign has been successful beyond all expectation.

Over the course of the 3 week campaign we’ve unlocked a ribbon bookmark, printed endpapers and over the weekend a beautiful dust jacket for all standard books. It’s going to be a wonderful book to own.

Each double page spread features a drawing of a saint in the mode of an RPG character, with a facing page casting light on Wayne’s thoughts about the creation of the drawing, the character of the saint, and the decisions he made in drawing them.

Only one stretch goal remains – if the campaign can reach this final goal, then w unlock an Add-On of an alternate cover – the black cover.

Back now before the campaign ends on Tuesday April 4th, at 6pm UK time.