A New Version of The Silver Road

We’ve just finished artwork creation for a new version of The Silver Road story game. As we announced last year, we’re moving away from the use of Midjourney in our projects – in short, we liked the beta version of Midjourney in early 2022, when it was a highly weird and experimental thing. It’s now something very different indeed, and we’d rather head in other directions.

So let’s take a look at that new direction!

The new edition of The Silver Road is full of images which share the dream-like quality of the original, but which are all made with a combination of original photos, sets, models, some digital painting and Photoshop know-how.

Scout tower used by kind permission of Fenris Games
Models used by kind permission of Renedra.co.uk

If you already have the PDF of The Silver Road you’ll get the updated version free as an update to the DrivethruRPG title. And we’ll be launching the new print edition soon! We have small stock of the previous edition, and once that’s sold it won’t be reprinted. If you’d like one, the time to grab it is now!