Out now: A free introduction to KING BEOWULF

Download the intro to KING BEOWULF: Of Kingdoms and Ring-Givers free at DrivethruRPG now!

KING BEOWULF is coming to Kickstarter soon – just as soon as we’ve dispatched the last few rewards for our long-suffering US Twin Seas backers. In the meantime you can grab this 4 page introduction to this supplement of Kingdom stewardship absolutely free.

We’ll also have some print copies of this booklet available to attendees at Tabletop Scotland this weekend in Perth, Scotland.

KING BEOWULF empowers your BEOWULF character to take the step from Hero to Ruler. They’ll inherit, found, or conquer their own kingdom, and take up the treasure seat, becoming the ring-giver responsible for their land and people.

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(Helmet shown by Wyrmwick Creations, Fuller brooch by Glitterbeard Viking crafts. Both used by kind permission.)