Newsletter – 16 November 2021

Huge Excitement! News on Forest Dragon products, Handimonsters, a|state, and BEOWULF: Age of Heroes!!!

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes

… the curved prow such course had run
that sailors now could see the land,
sea-cliffs shining, steep high hills,
headlands broad. Their haven was found,
their journey ended.

BEOWULF: Age of Heroes has landed on the western shore! Fighting valiantly through hordes of ‘customs’ (whatever fell creature they might be), it won its way and arrived in good condition to the House of Wares here in America:

From here, it must be sorted and divided, packaged appropriately, and sent on to each individual’s destination. That process began this week and will continue (with some interruptions next week due to American Thanksgiving) until everyone of our American backers has their rewards! We know you’ve been incredibly patient while this was sorted out and we appreciate the patience.

Other BEOWULF news

With our original BEOWULF project within sight of being completed, let’s talk about what’s coming next. We have dozens of BEOWULF digital releases and many requests to provide their content in a physical format. In order to deliver the highest possible quality product with the best ‘bang for the buck’ we will launch a kickstarter next year for a hardcover book – an adventure anthology of the digital adventure releases. We’ll also take the opportunity to revisit each adventure for opportunities to update, expand, and link them together. And who knows? With an extra successful campaign, we might be able to add new material as well.

The contest to win a copy of the Whale Road poster runs until tomorrow at 14:00 UK time. Learn more here.

a|state news

The new edition of a|state is taking pledges right now, as we finish up work on the core text. Set in a dystopian city of mysteries, it is up to your gang of troublemakers to build up a secure corner in the city where your friends and families can be safe while you poke and prod at the authorities and their cruel and strange agendas.

Pledge today to join us in The City. You’ll never forget what you find there, though you won’t be remembered.


Wow! Look at that… literally dozens of monsters for your 5e games and you can get all of them, just by signing up for Handimonsters! And that’s not even a complete set!

Sign up today at and get this incredible deal now.

We will produce a print release of our first year monsters, the 2021 Handimonsters Annual! It will be available to order very soon.

Forest Dragon products

We are doing final playtesting on two Forest Dragon products: Forest Dragon Farmer and The Pieman’s Apprentice! Forest Dragon Farmer is our game of (slightly) advanced strategy as farmers compete to produce the best crops. But when the harvest is in and the time comes to celebrate, the folk of the lands of the Forest Dragon enjoy their pies.

In the Pie Man’s Apprentice, players try to help the Pie Man bake the best pies. Everyone’s got their own favourites, so win extra points by making your friends and neighbours happy!

More news on both games will be coming very soon!


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