Newsletter 13th January

Hello! Happy New Year! We hope you managed to get a peaceful break over the festive season. We’re back at work and are all hard at it making the very finest books and accessories for your gaming table. It’s all happening this week, so let’s get into it!

Handimonsters Annual is out!

The Handimonsters Annual 2022 is out now in PDF and for pre-order in print! Collecting a year’s worth of unique 5e monsters from, this US Letter-sized, full colour softcover is on the webstore right now for pre-order, or in PDF at DrivethruRPG. It’s a gorgeous book.

The Triple Serpent

The next adventure release for BEOWULF Age of Heroes is the final one unlocked by our mighty Kickstarter backers. Written by the Uber-talented Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, The Triple Serpent takes our Hero to Ireland, where they must unravel the mystery of the serpent troubling a local hall and church.

This week we unveiled the cover, and Jon gave us the low-down on painting it in a blog post here.

Poster Prints

Thanks to the success of the Whale Road poster, we’ve decided to make prints a regular thing. We have 3 initial designs with which to tempt you in A3 size – the BEOWULF cover, and “The Valley Hall” by Jon Hodgson, and “The Abandoned Shipyard” by Paul Bourne from the forthcoming a|state. We have a mix of numbered open edition and limited edition prints. We’ll let you know when you can grab them!

a|state Coins and Compass

Recently on the blog, we took a look at the amazing a|state compass and coins made by our friends at Campaign Coins. These aren’t just beautiful accessories – they’re used in the games of a|state and The Three Coins. Learn more in the blog post.

While we finish up editing and layout of the a|state second edition PDF, late pledges remain open. But not for much longer! Grab a late pledge now!

Ralph’s art book

Last year Handiwork Games helped our friend Ralph Horsley make and kickstart his art book. We’re currently weathering the storms of global logistics in the time of Omicron, but books are on their way to our UK fulfilment partners right now. We’ll have a bunch of copies for sale in our webstore in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled – it’s a very finely crafted book full of absolute delights for any fan of fantasy art!


The BEOWULF art book is out! Pre-ordered copies are winging their way to customers, if they haven’t already arrived! We put this together as a thank you for our US backers, who’ve been incredibly patient with getting their books last, thanks to the global shipping excitement of last year. And of course it’d be a shame if we didn’t share it with everyone.

This cute little square book is packed with our favourite art from BEOWULF, along with analysis and behind the scenes commentary on each piece. Grab yours and get a free PDF version right now. Or just grab the PDF.

What’s this?

Something brand new just arrived at Handiwork HQ. Could it be something to do with the fabled companion game to the Forest Dragon Farmer? Could we be on the brink of uncovering the secrets of the Pie Man?


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