New Digital Map Tiles Out Now!

We’ve released two digital map tile sets today! Water Tiles and Linking Tiles 2.

Digital Map Tiles are an easy and effective way to build complex maps for VTT adventures in a fraction of the time it would take to create them from scratch. With no limit on how many times you can use a given tile, the possibilities are almost endless. And with Linking Tiles allowing sets to be joined together, your VTT adventures will never be the same again!

  • Each set contains fuzzy-edged pngs, gridded jpegs and plain jpegs, all intended for VTT use. 
  • Gridded tiles have 6 squares per side
  • Each tile is 1000px across in full colour 

Linking Tiles 2

These tiles allow you to link different sets together, in a variety of combinations.

These tiles provide links between 
Cavern, Dungeon, Heathland, Forest, Mountain Pass, Backstreets, Water, Evil Forest, Hillfort and Desert.

And between Utopian Scifi and Dystopian Scifi 
They’re really useful tiles that add a ton of value to other sets.

Once all our backers have their physical tiles we’ll be making the print versions available!–Linking-Tiles-Set-2-Grid

Water Tiles

Expanding on a feature from the Wave One Extra Detail tiles, this set gives you loads of options for lakes, rivers and streams, or even the sea. You can build islands, and shorelines, and includes a bunch of water tiles to create open water. This set is perfect to mix up your wilderness adventures. The Water Set connects to the Heathland Tiles.

You can also grab ALL our Digital Tiles in one great value bundle here:–Wave-Two-Digital-Pack