Map Packs

We’ve been adding Map Packs to our DrivethruRPG store!

Map Packs feature poster-sized PDFs, which come in plain, gridded and hexed versions. There are VTT versions of everything, alongside handy “home print” files which are sliced up into A4 or US Letter chunks for easy printing at home.

Here’s a rundown of what’s available:

The latest one, just released today, is Buildings Pack 1, which features maps for a variety of halls, a shop and a mysterious house in a quarry. It’s Pay What You Want with a suggested price of $3.99.

Chasm Run is also Pay What You Want, and is a set of four really big maps that join together to form a long gully – perfect for a chase or prolonged battle.

Ruins Pack 1 is $3.99 and contains a bunch of really useful maps! A large ruined fortification, a set of ruins covered in webs, the same one without webs, and a bonus mini ruined house with a cellar.

Handiwork at DrivethruRPG: