King Beowulf

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about KING BEOWULF, the kingdom stewardship supplement for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes!

With our commitment to delivering all physical rewards on The Trials of the Twin Seas* before launching any new BEOWULF book, we’ve had a bit of extra time to work on KING BEOWULF, and we’ve put it to good use.

During this additional development time, we have hit on some really exciting new directions and, in the name of seizing that silver lining, we’ve decided to fully pursue them – building on the first version of the KING BEOWULF manuscript towards something even more unique!

This week we’ll be releasing a free 4 page PDF introduction to some of the concepts we’ve developed for KING BEOWULF. We’ll add it to all the BEOWULF: Age of Heroes core book at DrivethruRPG, as well as making it its own title for free download.

Most excitingly, we will have a number of printed versions of this introduction available at Tabletop Scotland this weekend!

Very soon you’ll be able to sign up to be notified when the kickstarter for KING BEOWULF launches.

*In case you missed it, the US stock of Kickstarter rewards were “lost” by the shipping company, and this has caused us a real problem – we’re a small company, and we’ve had to work very hard to replace those lost rewards. But we’ve done it and they’re all shipping out right now!

The beautiful replica Fuller disc brooch in the image above is by, and used with permission.