Friday News Update – and a|state is Funded!

Not only funded, but coming in at 991 backers and almost £54k in pledges – so a massive thank you to everyone for supporting the project!

You’ve managed to unlock (deep breath)… 

A full media appendix, a spot UV cover-design, SIX lots of extra art, SIX additional locations, THREE .pdf adventures, THREE guest writers (K C Shi, Elaine Lithgow and Gareth Hanrahan), our THREE COINS RPG-within-the-RPG, our Campaign Coins set add-on, and a full VTT suite to support the whole thing.

You can see the full details here.

And don’t forget – if you’re a backer, you’ve now got access to our Discord server where you can catch up on what’s happening, chat to the creators, and find players and GMs for your games.

If you’re new to us – welcome!

As well as a|state, we are the creators of Handimonsters, our beastly Patreon which brings you a brand new, 5e creature every Monday morning (how better to start your week, seriously).

They can be fiendish, foul or friendly, they’re statted for every level, alignment, surround and adventure, and they come with everything you’ll need to add them to your games. Grab a full monster manual when you sign up!

We’re also the creators of the epic 5e setting BEOWULF: Age of Heroes.

This is legendary campaign storytelling at its absolute best – and specially crafted for duet play, one hero and one GM (though you can play with a group). You don’t need to know the poem, just enjoy the artwork, the world, and the sheer atmosphere of the game!

If you’d like a taster, check out the third instalment of our Campaign Coins Hero Blaedswith’s adventures on YouTube! Can she triumph over the Horror at Herrogate?

To know more about BEOWULF, you can download the FREE ENnies-nominated introadventure, The Hermit’s Sanctuary from DriveThru (there’s loads of other stuff as well), and set out upon the Whale Road.

And talking of the ENnies – we’ve been nominated for two categories this year! The BEOWULF core rulebook has been nominated for Best Electronic Product, and our a|state primer, Nicely, Done for Best Free Product (find both of these also on DriveThru). Plus you can do the thing in the Best Publisher Award.

Please do jump over and place your votes!

The BEOWULF rulebook, btw, is also available in print format. Grab it from the Handiwork site – and have a nose round all our gorgeous accessories while you’re there!

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