Jon Hodgson Map Tiles are available now!

New on our store: Jon Hodgson Map Tiles!

Dispatch for the smash-hit Kickstarter has been completed, and now Jon Hodgson Map Tiles are available for everyone!

Check them out in the store, and don’t miss the bundle deals!

If you’re in the US, then you can get them faster by ordering here, at Drivethrucards: and there are bundle deals available there too!

• Miniatures shown are from the mighty Red Box Games.
• The Dice are from Triple Ace Games
• The BEOWULF Compass Rose and tokens are from Campaign Coins, coming soon from Handiwork Games.
• Dice trays are available here:

Beowulf Sample Adventure

We’re working hard to bring you a taste of BEOWULF! We’re making a free introductory PDF, currently titled “The Hermit’s Sanctuary”. Here’s a look at the cover by Paul Bourne and Jon Hodgson!

In BEOWULF, one player and one GM set sail to explore mysteries and defeat monsters, with specially designed additional rules, a new class and subclasses, backgrounds, flavourful setting info for a world of dark age myth, and of course tons of gorgeous art.

We’re also working on some really beautiful accessories. Our friends at Campaign Coins have helped us with these inspiration tokens and a fantastic compass rose! Underneath them, you can see the prototype of the Inspiration Pool mat, made by our friends at Patriot Games. All our accessories are entirely optional. A piece of paper, a pencil, some coins, and some dice are all you need to play.

Find out more about BEOWULF here.
Grab BEOWULF dice trays, All Rolled Ups and Art Trays here.
Grab a variety of cool BEOWULF merch here.

Battle mats are back in stock!

These gorgeous and useful mats are 36 inches square and printed on 2mm neoprene. Each has a seasonal landscape painted by Jon Hodgson, and are perfect for fighting battles in a wargame or exploring in an RPG.

They are available with or without a one-inch grid.

Check them out:

Miniatures shown are from Red Box Games
Dice tray from
Dice from Triple Ace Games
Compass Rose and Inspiration Counters coming soon from Handiwork Games & Campaign Coins

Scarred Lands Creature Collection for 5e is Live!

We’re bringing the best adversaries from the history of the fan-favourite Creature Collection to 5th Edition! We want to make a full colour, one creature per page, hardcover bestiary for the world’s favourite roleplaying game.

It’s going to be expertly converted, beautifully illustrated, wonderfully laid out, and full to the brim with useful content.

If we’re extra successful we’ll also include random encounter tables, drop-in encounters with battle maps, and lots of additional digital content. 

Way back at the beginning of the d20 times, when 3rd Edition was the big noise, gamers had two core manuals with which to play. The Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide were available, but there was a pause before we got the official Monster Manual. Into that gap burst The Creature Collection – the very first bestiary of Third Edition monsters! 

Now we’re bringing the Creature Collection to 5th Edition!

Our aims and campaign are simple: to see how large a 5th Edition bestiary we can create with your help! 

Grab free previews here:

and here: