BEOWULF is Here!

It’s happened: the very first copies of BEOWULF: Age of Heroes!

There’s no feeling like it – to get your hands on the thing you’ve made, to realise it’s fully real. Many of you have shared this journey with us, from Kickstarter all the way to completed article, and we’re delighted to have had you on board. It’s been an epic Whale Road of it own!

So – a great big mead-thumping thank you, to you our readers, and to our lovely and supportive friends:

‘An epic tale deserves an epic game system. This is that system’ – John Kovalic

Breathtaking… staggering… atmospheric in the extreme. It’s as if you were stepping into 6th Century Scandinavia and boarding a longship’ – John Gwynne

 ‘Really magical’ – Will Hindmarch

‘A vast treasure hoard’ – Francesco Nepitello

‘A magnificent accomplishment’ – Lou Anders

‘Brimming with brutal authenticity’ – Snorri Kristjans

‘Ingenious, beautiful, epic, enormous’ – Angus Watson

And to Maria Dahvana Headley for our foreword.

We’re almost ready to lose ourselves in the ultimate adventure – orders for the book will replace pre-orders in our SHOP very soon. Whether you’re a follower of god, or of the old ways, whether you’re a lone Hero with your trusty companions, or part of a party of intrepid and courageous adventurers, this is a world of great legend and old lore, of mysteries and monsters, and of true, high-hearted heroics…

So join us, as we journey in the world of BEOWULF!

It’s arrived!