Adventure Overview: The Witches and the Wyrm

The Adventure Overview series takes a look at the various adventures we’ve released for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes. We don’t spoil the adventure but we do tell you a little bit about the adventure setup and its themes.

The Witches and the Wyrm is the fourth adventure released for BEOWULF, following Horror at Herrogate. It was written by Jon Hodgson, and Jon, Scott Purdy and Paul Bourne provided the artwork. Editing/mechanical support was provided by Jacob Rodgers.

We encourage a progression for BEOWULF that allows a Hero to explore their newfound features for each new level, so it’s designed for heroes of levels 3 or 4.

The snake will not die and time does not turn properly. Three witches summon the Hero to do their bidding and conquer the defiant serpent. The Hero seems to step into some liminal space where the natural order of things has become broken because of the serpent’s refusal of the natural order of things.

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