Adventure Overview: Horror at Herrogate

The Adventure Overview series takes a look at the various adventures we’ve released for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes. We don’t spoil the adventure but we do tell you a little bit about the adventure setup and its themes.

Horror at Herrogate is the third adventure released for BEOWULF, including The Hermit’s Sanctuary and The Three Ogre Brothers in the core rulebook. It was written by Marco Rafalà, writer for The One Ring, Star Trek Adventures, Lex Arcana and more. It’s illustrated by our own Jon Hodgson and editing/mechanical support was provided by Jacob Rodgers.

It’s designed to be a follow-on adventure from either The Hermit’s Sanctuary or The Three Ogre Brothers, so it’s designed for heroes of 3-4 level.

The adventure opens with our Hero learning that the remote fishing settlement of Herrogate and its lord, Thorfinn, are plagued by a dréag, an undead warrior. But things are not quite as they seem, and the Hero will learn much of the personal history of the folk of Herrogate and then confront a terrible truth that might cause them to ask questions of themselves and others.

The adventure includes:

• Three (optional to use) poster-sized battle maps
• VTT tokens
• New Follower cards
• A separate PDF of NPC portraits to show players

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