Twin Seas Recovery section open on web shop!

Happy Monday! Jon here!

Here’s a thing – so a lot of people have been asking if they can help out with the loss of stock from our pallet theft. I’m not sure things like Gofundme are right for us – I’d rather work our way out of it by making and selling games and art – but! that does mean we’re happy to offer a bunch of exclusive new items on a special section of our web store which will directly go to helping out. A couple of notes on these.

1: We have the KING BEOWULF kickstarter coming up – hopefully this very month, which is a fine way to help us out. Don’t rush to spend all your silver here. It’s simply an option.

Beautiful Helmets by Wyrmwick Creations

2: Also, I don’t have any expectation of anyone’s help. These things are there specifically because I’ve been asked, and so it would seem churlish not to offer something.

3: There’s some high end items here. I don’t want anyone to feel bad if these are a bit too rich for their blood. They have a very specific purpose, and are tailored as tokens in return for the kind of support people have asked to give.

4: More original art will get added as I get it removed from the various battered and “archived”* sketchbooks in which it currently resides, and photographed. I have pencil roughs for most of the big pieces and characters found in BEOWULF Age of Heroes. So keep an eye on the site if that’s your thing.

* stored in in our loft

Here we go: