The Naming of Spirits Redux PDF

We’re hard at work (amongst other things) making a new edition of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland. The Redux Edition will contain all human art throughout.

You can once again download the free preview of The Naming of Spirits at DrivethruRPG, or read it right here:

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“The Naming of Spirits” is a preview of some of the tools found in Maskwitches. In this instance all about naming Spirits for your games.

Please be aware that:

The Spirits found in Maskwitches are meant to be terrifying 10,000 year-old spirits from a largely alien world, of which the human beings of The Land are extremely frightened. But forewarned is forearmed:

• there is a reference to child mortality early in the text.

• there are some anatomical words in there, which can make some frightening combinations.