Strange Little Girl vs Cheesed off for a|state is out now!

OUT NOW at DrivethruRPG: Strange Little Girl vs Cheesed Off. Two scenarios for a|state adapted to second edition by Gregor Hutton (3:16 Carnage Among the Stars, Remember Tomorrow) from first edition material by a|state co-creator Malcolm Craig.

Strange Little Girl

Who is the girl? 
Is she the same little girl who disappeared years ago, and has now come back in the same dress, clutching the same doll?
Or is this a cruel trick played upon her still grieving parents?

Cheesed Off

People on your corner are being poisoned. The first victims are the weak and the infirm, but within days even healthier sorts are falling ill. The blight grows in severity and soon leads to loss of life. Can the source of the poison be found and the mysterious plague stopped? 

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