Scarred Lands Creature Collection 5e Previews

We’re working with Onyx Path to bring the best of the classic Creature Collections to 5e!

The first Creature Collection was the very first bestiary ever released for 3rd edition of the world’s favourite RPG, predating even the official Monster Manual. It was also the birth of Scarred Lands as a setting. Other volumes of foes followed, fleshing out the setting and providing a wealth of enemies for Scarred Lands games.

With the success of Scarred Lands Player’s Guide for 5e, we’re aiming to bring a big slice of adversaries to Kickstarter with Scarred Lands Creature Collection!

We really want to show off what you can expect, so before launch we’ve completed an initial 50 monsters. Not just converted them to 5e, but illustrated them with all new full colour art, and laid them out with some gorgeous new graphics. A whole bunch of those will be made available as previews to backers through the campaign. We’ll also be sharing some before we launch.

To whet your appetite, check out these first 3 spreads. We’re running final proofing on our text, so that’s obscured for now. In the coming days we’ll be beginning our full previews with some free monsters to enjoy!

Also to come is the preview of our navigation system. The overriding thing we heard from you, the 5e players, is that you want to be able to find what you’re looking for when using a bestiary. So in addition to several handy indexes created by topic, the Scarred Land Creature Collection will include a handy graphic navigation system to help you find adversaries to fit your needs, be they by terrain or Challenge Rating.

Art by Scott Purdy and Jon Hodgson, layout by Paul Bourne. ©2019 Onyx Path Publishing