BEOWULF: Face Mask

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The BEOWULF Face Mask as worn by Heroes!

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Be a hero. You know it’s the right thing to do!

Our BEOWULF masks are hand-made in the UK and feature the unique designs used for our 5e BEOWULF campaign. They feature comfortable ear-elastic, a fully pre-washed 100% cotton backing, complete with an inner slot for an additional protective layer, plus a 100% polyester cover.

We’ve included filter fabric, for you to cut out and slide into place (or you can use your own), and, just to be extra-responsible, you can handwash your mask and let it drip dry.

It’s the perfect way to boost the Saving Throws of the people around you!

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PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT medically-rated facemasks designed to filter out viruses and bacteria. They are cloth face-coverings that will aid in stopping spread/droplet spray from coughs/sneezes/breathing.

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