BEOWULF Age of Heroes: Digital Miniatures .STL Pack


Download and print your own BEOWULF Heroes!

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Expertly sculpted by Richard Dickens, this .stl pack presents eight heroes and one monster for your adventures!

As well as .stl files, you’ll find pre-supported Chitubox files.

These are intended for home printing on domestic 3D printers. As such this is a set of files, not physical miniatures.

For physical miniatures, click here.

Included with the .stl files are:

  • Alys
  • Blaedswith
  • Cwenhild
  • Bald Eadig
  • Waewulf
  • Ham Anfead
  • Ibn Uthman
  • Muthbona the Monster
  • The Wolf Child

This pack is also available via DrivethruRPG, and when you buy here the files will be supplied to you as a DrivethruRPG coupon within 24 hours of purchase.

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