It’s the most boring post we’ll ever make! Postal matters!

Exciting photograph of actual Handiwork orders!

• Hopefully you’ve seen that the Royal Mail international shipping stoppage is now over, and we have caught up on affected international web store orders.

• We’ve added Paypal Later to our web store . This means you can split the cost of things into several payments. 

Please don’t use this to buy things you can’t afford. But it does mean you can spread the cost of things, which we hope might actually help some folks.

This change has made Paypal methods more visible on our store. You can still pay by credit card/debit card/apple pay/google pay and more via Stripe.

• We’re also beginning work on implementing tracked international delivery options.

Right now we charge around £10-£15 for international orders. This means they’re most often sent International Economy or International Standard services from Royal Mail. We lose a little bit of money on those, but hey. That’s ok – it works out for us, and we try to keep the price down. We sporadically update the formula used to make sure it’s working properly, and coming in at the right “just under cost” price. Which means you will see some minor fluctuations over time.

But we know that some folks really want tracking info when they order with us. This comes at a considerable cost – tracked services are likely to be upwards of £25, and so we’ve never offered it. Within the next week or so that should become visible as an option.

The standard service will of course remain, and it’s served us well to date!

That’s it for now!