Most Anticipated

Here’s a strange one for you! HELLENISTIKA, the technicolour turbo-charged Hellenistic Greek era RPG we’re making with Ken Hite features on EN world’s “most anticipated RPGs of 2020” list.

Hellenistika doesn’t actually qualify, being a setting for 5e. So while we’re delighted people are excited about it, and that it was nominated, we can’t really ask for your votes!

However also on the list are a bunch of games we worked on – We provided cover art for Wolves of God, The Hero’s Journey and Through Sunken Lands so we certainly hope they do well, and they’re well worth your time!

Of course with Hellenistika being so highly anticipated we’re sure you’re looking for a progress report. We’re not ready to share anything new on that score just yet. “We’re working on it” remains the headline. We have a meeting with Ken this week, and it’s all chugging along! Once we have some cool stuff to share you’ll find it here!