Maskwitches Redux campaign launches May 7th!

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 7th, sees the launch of the campaign to raise funds to print the new edition of Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland!

You’ll be able to pledge for:

• The hardcover or softcover rulebook, expanded to 168 pages.

• The dramatic and atmospheric  Pine Pitch Black edition 

• The Making of Maskwitches behind the scenes book

• To the Ice Caves – the first Journey Book for Maskwitches

• The Meat Spoiler Redux edition

• The beautiful and useful Maskwitches Dice Tray by out friends at All Rolled Up

You’ll also be able to pledge for all the books in PDF too, with the physical books coming with free PDFs.

Most of the PDFs will be delivered as soon as the funds arrive with us as they are completed and ready to go!

Sign up at