Handimonsters – now on DriveThru!

Face your Monday with a roar, your workload with a growl, your meetings with a smile full of teeth!

Not literally, obviously, but with the brand new monsters that come with our Handimonsters Patreon – some of which are now available at DriveThruRPG!

Half-a-dozen Handimonsters!

When you play the World’s Favourite Role-Playing game, some things are just familiar. You know the mimic, the owlbear, the gelatinous cube; you know them and love them. You know how to face and beat one, should you meet it down the dungeon.

Heck, you might even have one as a pet.

So, every Monday, we’ll start your week right – with something that your PCs (and you) have never seen. A brand new, completely original monster, every one with a full run of stats, plus artwork, lore and background. Some of them interlink, one creature with another, others have bonus content that you can grab through our Handimonsters tiers. And they all come complete with a tactics section – plot hooks and scenario ideas to have your PCs hopping (possibly literally).

And some of these are FREE.

Let’s start with our patron beastie, the Knacker:

Knacker. The hat is entirely optional.

Knackers like mines. Rather like our sturdy and bearded friends, they’re obsessive about their digging, and they tunnel constantly. The problem is: miners don’t like knackers. Left to their own devices, Knackers are haphazard and uncontrolled, creating structural weaknesses, dead ends, and tunnels that go nowhere.

They are quite helpful for non-logical dungeons, however…

The Hölingean:

A remotely-living, magical giant, the Hölingean pursues the learned arts and dallies with its mates in the summertime. Usually peaceful, they can fight if they have to, and they’re rather fond of human magic-users, often seeking them out.

The problems only start when their humans try to leave…

The Quicksilver Troll:

Alchemically changed and lightning-fast, the Quicksilver Troll is suffused with light. Smarter than their regular cousins, though still wary of fire, they’re stealthy, perpetually hungry, and devour anything they can catch.

They can also semi-dissolve themselves to a liquid-like state – so watch where you put your boots…

The Spell Thief:

The Spell Thief is a rumour, a flicker of darkness in a shadowed cloak. Was it created by magic-users, stealing each other’s spells? Or trying too hard to conjure a servant? Are there many – or is there just one? Whatever the answers, the Spell Thief seeks power.

And it may just come looking for you…

And last, but most definitely not least, the Goblingas:

Goblingas by Jon Hodgson

The Briar Goblingas, or Heópapúcan (Old English) is a troublemaking spirit that lives in the forest. And, as this one is a special BEOWULF monster, it also comes with special rules, called ‘burdens’ and ‘gifts’, to fit with our 5e setting. Each of these gifts changes something about the Goblingas, and you can mix and match, creating something special for your Hero/es to face… 

Starting at only £2.50 per month, there are many more Monsters where these came from, plus LOADS of additional content – maps, scenarios and suggestions.

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