Friday News Update – More Stretch Goals Down!

We’ve been shouting a lot about our a|state Kickstarter – but it’s SO GOOD to see so many of you on board with the project, and to see those stretch goals tumble.

Cheesed Off and Strange Little Girl

Since last week, we’ve passed another FOUR – unlocking additional content by guest writer K C Shi, two new mini-adventures, Cheesed Off and Strange Little Girl, even more fabulous atmospheric artwork, and a set of four coins to play our THREE COINS in-game RPG. Our friends at Campaign Coins, who made our beautiful BEOWULF tokens and compass rose, will be making these for us!

a|state Coins

Our next goals include welcoming guest writer Elaine Lithgow, who wrote our Seven Stones BEOWULF scenario, and another new City location, this one called THE ROOKERY and based on the now-demolished Kowloon Walled City.

A big thank you to all of our backers – we are very excited to see this doing so well, and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

While you wait, follow the BEOWULF adventures of Blaedswith, our Karelian Witch – the second episode of Horror at Herrogate, called Village of Fear, is now up at Campaign Coins’ YouTube. Wonderfully played by Alex, our Hero has made landfall, but why is everything so quiet?

Continuing the BEOWULF theme, Monday’s Handimonster is an additional freebie! 

The Nightstalker

The Nihtbealu (Nightstalker) comes in the night, generating its own concealing darkness. It will howl at your door and try to draw you out. But it cannot force its way into your home, and as long as you remain inside, YOU are safe. 

Not just for BEOWULF, the Nihtbealu can stealth its way into any 5e campaign – join our PATREON to find out more!

BEOWULF Treasures!

AND our Twitter competition is still going! Jump on over to our profile and post pics of your treasured Handiwork Games goodies – books, tokens, maps, mats, figures. Winner picked on August 20th for a unique and special prize… 

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The Rookery