Friday News Update – January 8th

Welcome back, from Handiwork Games!

We’ve taken a short break over Christmas and New Year, but we’re back, we’re beautiful, and we’ve got all sorts of new projects on the go…

Quicksilver Troll

First up: Handimonsters! This week’s 5e monster is FREE over at our Patreon page – go have a nose at the Quicksilver Troll. He’s fast, he’s clever, he’s an alchemical creation, and he’s ready-and-waiting for your campaign.

You can also discover the Glass Spider, the Blazedog and the Bog Bug, our Patreon patron the Knacker, plus a host of additional content. And if you sign up to our top tier, there are all sorts of extras!

Beowulf: Age of Heroes

In BEOWULF news, the first part of the book has now gone to our Kickstarter and Crowd Ox backers. Thank you, all of you, for your support on this – the BEOWULF project is very close to our hearts and we’re over the moon with the finished product. We’ve had some really positive feedback, as well – Pandatheist calls it ‘the best hack of 5e ever made’. Which is fantastic to hear!

If you weren’t a backer – fear not! All of our BEOWULF treasures, including the manual, the coins and the compass, and the real metal minis, will be available for order on the website very soon.

In the meantime, grab couple of sneaky peeks over at Drive ThruRPG!

Hall for Heroes

And don’t forget – we also have Zoom Backgrounds for BEOWULF and a|state both…

Beowulf Art on Zoom

…some fantastic poster-sized maps for your VTT game…

Dare you risk… THE CHASM!

..and some help for freelancers, while you’re there!

a|state Character Generation

Speaking of a|state – the second edition is looking absolutely incredible! Offering gorgeous new artwork and layouts from Paul Bourne, the setting includes a fascinating mix of technologies, of places and peoples, and of towering, crumbling concrete. And the game is very much character-driven, giving you the chance to defy The City’s oppressive powers, and to explore and defend your hard-won corner of territory.

While you wait, you can grab the free primer and intro adventure, Nicely, Done.

Characters for Nicely, Done.

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