Friday News Update – April 23rd

Calling all Dice Goblins!

They’re already so popular, we’ve put the pre-order up early! Treat your click-clack Goblin self to this set of three, chunky boi d20. Each one is 31mm across (a normal d20 is 19mm), and designed with the legends and lore of our BEOWULF setting in mind. 


Every set comes in its own pouch, but the FIRST HUNDRED SETS SOLD will be limited edition – coming with a BEOWULF pin badge and a card signed by the designers, Jon Hodgson and Paul Bourne.

Limited Edition BEOWULF Dice!

Of course, if you’re not a BEOWULF player, and you just like those lovely maths rocks, then that works too. Giant dice are great for DMs, so the players can see as you make those tense and all-important rolls, and what 5e character doesn’t need their very own d20?

You could even roll them for our HANDIMONSTER encounters! This week’s new 5e beastie is the MOAT TERROR, lurking about the outsides of castles everywhere – and in lakes, ponds, canals and slow-moving rivers. A mass of mouths and tentacles, its unknown creator may even have crafted it to defend some forgotten space.

Or perhaps not so forgotten…


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And something we’ve haven’t talked about nearly enough – the second edition of a|state is almost done! Take yourself away from monsters and moats, legends and lore, bards and beasties… and travel instead the crumbling streets of The City. Lose yourself, lose your mind, lose your soul. And make sure you watch the shadows…

Mapmaker – a|state playbook.

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Stringer – a|state playbook