FiveEvil by Morgan Davie (a|state, Diceratops Presents, Doctor Who RPG) is 5th Edition completely dismembered and reimagined to deliver the horror genre. We’re neck deep in writing and play testing, but in honour of the upcoming Halloween weekend we present five things you WON’T do in FiveEvil:

Your character’s won’t get the chance to benefit from anything so predictable. When you act, the horror acts. Can you do the thing? Because the horror will also do its thing at the same time.

In FiveEvil you play regular people thrust into a horrific situation. You’re not on the Hero’s Journey. You’re just trying to survive.

In FiveEvil the DC is set by a scene’s intensity. The worse things get, the worse they get!

In FiveEvil you can’t count on a big buffer of Hit Points: you’ll have too few hit points to spare any. And if you get Wounded, you’ll have even fewer.

We play-tested FiveEvil. We’re still freaked out. Seriously. What the heck, Morgue.