It is now time to explore in BEOWULF: Age of Heroes!

Exploration can mean many things. In most adventures it means wandering into the wilderness, looking for signs of the Monster and trying to learn more about it. But it could also mean talking to the people of a settlement or perhaps just in a meadhall in order to discover more information. For some adventures it means meeting with ‘monsters’ or at least non-human intelligences.

If the Hero does go forth into the wild to learn about the Monster, they primarily have to deal with natural challenges or challenges that began as natural features. Unlike the conceits of typical fantasy, there are rarely even more ancient civilisations and if they exist, they did not construct elaborate underground facilities.

Instead, you’re more likely to find the Hero wandering through a natural cave system, mysterious forest, farmland, heaths, an island, near a lake or swamp, climbing a mountain, setting to sea again.

We also cover those older societies that did exist – the ancients and the giants (Romans, who built on a scale foreign to people presently inhabiting these lands).

We cover barrows, ruins and standing stones, as well as houses, outbuildings, defensive walls and more; along with less permanent structures and the wrecks of boats and ships. Some Monsters also build their own lairs while others recycle what is already there.

Speaking of which, next week will be all about Monsters.

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