Expand your a|state experience

If you’ve picked up the codebook PDF recently, we hope you’re enjoying a|state second edition!

We have a range of additional PDFs on DrivethruRPG to expand your play experience, and we thought it might be helpful to lay them out here:

Gone to the Dogs

Something untoward is occurring at Folly Hills Dog Track. Unfancied hounds are winning races…

Competitive dogs are going to the pot…

The turnstiles are no longer thick with punters…

What has cast a shadow over the once-thriving Track?

Explore the cutthroat world of the dog track, the home of avaricious betting syndicates, vicious organised crime groups, disgruntled dog owners, and many bemused punters.

This supplement for a|state presents the Folly Hills Dog Track, a location teeming with trouble and opportunity that can become part of your game in many different ways.

Gone to the Dogs also includes 3 pages of tools and advice to run investigations in The City, using the Forged in the Dark ruleset.

The Machine

“…and the heretofore mentioned properties on Woebegone Crescent shall be vacated in good order within 10 (ten) days, due to the imminent public health risk posed by under-surface corruption in the immediate area. Thusly,…”

So reads the official eviction notice, tacked to the door of every dwelling in Woebegone Crescent. The Department of Public Health (DPH) of the Three Canals Authority has condemned Woebegone Crescent, and given the residents scant time to vacate their homes and find new lodgings before demolition work begins. Massive wrecking machines are already arriving in the neighbourhood and time is short. If Woebegone Crescent is to have a future, someone needs to fight for it.

The Machine presents a ready-to-play struggle for the future of Woebegone Crescent. The simplest way to use this material is to start a new game with the Crescent as your corner. A step-by-step guide to doing so appears below in The struggle for Woebegone Crescent.

Strange Little Girl vs Cheesed Off
This supplement for a|state presents two scenarios – Strange Little Girl and Cheesed Off, updated to second editon by Gregor Hutton.

Strange Little Girl: Who is the girl? 

Is she the same little girl who disappeared years ago, and has now come back in the same dress, clutching the same doll?

Or is this a cruel trick played upon her still grieving parents? 

A wholly reimagined version of the adventure nugget written by Malcolm Craig that appeared long ago in the Mire End Tribune…

Cheesed Off: People on your corner are being poisoned. The first victims are the weak and the infirm, but within days even healthier sorts are falling ill. The blight grows in severity and soon leads to loss of life. Can the source of the poison be found and the mysterious plague stopped? 

The Three Coins

The Three Coins is a unique, standalone, 32 page zine-style PDF booklet detailing The Three Coins, a story-telling roleplaying game played in The City, setting of a|state. Featuring annotations by both authoritarian censors and players of the game, The Three Coins provides a unique insight into the world of The City and is a playable game in its own right. Play requires 3 to 4 coins.

The Table Tower

This is the PDF version of the simple but effective a|state Table Tower.

This PDF features a host of handy references for use in play. This PDF version lets you reference them on your electronic device of choice.

a|state Playbooks

These PDFs are included with your corebook PDF, but your players can opt to pay whatever they want to get their own copies.

Check out the whole range here.
Jon & the Handiwork Games team