Duncarron Viking Weekend

This weekend just passed found us trading at Duncarron Medieval Village – our local recreated medieval settlement, educational facility, and movie set! It’s a really impressive site, which has been widely used in TV and film, including Outlander, Norsemen, The Bruce and many more.

This was a viking-themed weekend, for which we just about qualify with our BEOWULF RPG, and we took a gamble on whether our games would appeal to the general public attending a family viking day. And the gamble paid off! We were surprised just how many people are into D&D these days, and our dice and tokens were a big hit! We also we’re very pleased that several people invested in everything they needed to play BEOWULF, so in straight-up trade terms it was well worth the visit!

Our booth was slightly more compact and bijou than we’re used to, and semi-outdoors, but with a focus on BEOWULF and Forest Dragon, we had just about enough space to show off what we do.

This weekend Paul and Jon were joined by Ben, known primarily for his early art and design work on the Poo Cave Expansion for The Forest Dragon.

Through the Saturday we realised that really the big appeal was dice and tokens, and understandably, we weren’t necessarily going to sell a lot of the more specialist books. So we rearranged things to show off our tokens and dice sets a bit more clearly:

Overnight the rain really set in, and on arrival we needed to set up a sub-roof to keep our books dry. It looked pretty cool, and thanks to our neighbour Fiona of Portable Weirdness for all her help! This was wild stall-holding!

Speaking of Portable Weirdness, we were delighted to barter some BEOWULF dice for some really nice chunky flint spear heads for our Maskwitches photoshoots, which are a considerably upgrade to the little arrowheads we were using previously!:

While the rain held off through most of Sunday morning it really came down with a vengeance all afternoon. Naturally undeterred, the brave souls demonstrating various recreated Viking fighting styles, as well as some movie-styles battled on regardless, many of them heading to Valhalla slightly damp:

While we also returned home – just a 20 minute drive – considerably shorter than the travel to most events at which we exhibit! – a bit soggy and certainly tired out from all the chatting with new friends and new customers, we were very much inspired for the hall-building sections of the upcoming KING BEOWULF!

We had a great weekend, so thank you to our hosts at Duncarron Medieval Fort, and we’ll be back soon! If you get a chance to visit and take the tour, be sure to do so!