Duet play in 5e with BEOWULF

BEOWULF Age of Heroes offers duet play for 5e – that’s one GM and one player. This way of playing provides a bunch of exciting aspects:

1: It’s easy to get a game – just phone a friend!

2: It makes for a great fill-in session when your regular group aren’t available. And you can pick it up and put it down much more easily with just  one player!

3: You can really explore the world through the eyes of one character, and get really deep into how they see that world, since they’re the only one in the spot light. It makes for some really intense sessions!

4: The campaign world can unfold around your character, with every scene and every challenge being “for” them – whether it’s about their strengths or their weaknesses. 

5: While BEOWULF is inspired by the epic poem and the times that spawned it, we pride ourselves on doing the reading so that you don’t have to. If you want to play a game in the vein of the action adventure fantasy TV show “Vikings” you can do that! If you studied the poem and know all about the era, you can do that too! We provide the framework, you fill in the details you’re comfortable with. 

6: Because there’s just one player, you’re never waiting for your turn. Which allows us to build in more tactical options for those who want them. There are weapons with a bit more detailed effects – helmets and shields are the armour of the day in the Age of Heroes,  and weapons that circumvent those are very important. With just one player we could add some more detailed effects without holding up the flow of the game that emphasises the themes of the setting. You’ll also get to decide what your Followers are doing, and which of their Gifts you want to make use of. Be careful though – many of their Gifts will cause them to become spent until the next Long Rest! 

7: Making 5e work for just one player inspired us (pun intended) to create a series of entertaining and engaging rules that build on 5e. The Inspiration Pool, Followers, the Alignment Die, the Defeated condition and more!

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