Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmmm! It’s Doggerland time.

The tools of ordinary people of the place we call Doggerland (most often simply called “The Land” by those who live there) are indistinguishable from ritual objects. The ability to change the future is a ritual function, and work done with tools is itself a spiritual affair.

Take for example a flint knife.

Its inception was in the invisible mind that imagined it. It was then birthed from an otherwise ordinary knuckle of flint, which could have rested unmoving in the ground or on a beach forever, but it was quickened by mind and other tools, themselves conduits for spiritual power that splits possibilities into probabilities and then certainties.

This cascade of events are not givens to the people of what we call Doggerland, and they hold the work of tools and tools themselves in high reverence.

All of their tools began as part of the landscape they inhabit: be they hand-chosen and knapped stones, carefully selected and carved wooden sticks, bunches of reeds, or tools made with animal sinew. The elevation of landscape into probability dividing magical implements is in itself significant.”

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