This week we’re going to be talking more BEOWULF! We’ve got a designer diary by Jacob, some chat about maps and minis (which are entirely optional, by the way!) from Jon, and we’ll be taking a look at some of the cool things we’re making, and have made for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, including miniatures!

Currently, the studio is crammed full of the giant poster maps that come with The Hermit’s Sanctuary, the free scenario for BEOWULF, available now:

And hey, check out this awesome twitter thread about The Hermit’s Sanctuary:

Miniatures from Footsore Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Perry Miniatures, Knucklebones Miniatures, with rocks from Warhead Studios. The dice are from Triple Ace Games (their very tasty Viking Dice).

You can grab a BEOWULF dice tray from our web shop right now.