Beowulf Sample Adventure

We’re working hard to bring you a taste of BEOWULF! We’re making a free introductory PDF, currently titled “The Hermit’s Sanctuary”. Here’s a look at the cover by Paul Bourne and Jon Hodgson!

In BEOWULF, one player and one GM set sail to explore mysteries and defeat monsters, with specially designed additional rules, a new class and subclasses, backgrounds, flavourful setting info for a world of dark age myth, and of course tons of gorgeous art.

We’re also working on some really beautiful accessories. Our friends at Campaign Coins have helped us with these inspiration tokens and a fantastic compass rose! Underneath them, you can see the prototype of the Inspiration Pool mat, made by our friends at Patriot Games. All our accessories are entirely optional. A piece of paper, a pencil, some coins, and some dice are all you need to play.

Find out more about BEOWULF here.
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