BEOWULF Accessories Update

Over at the BEOWULF kickstarter we recently updated backers on the progress of our various gorgeous accessories that are available as part of the campaign, or as a late pledge.

Check it out:


We took delivery of our first samples of the BEOWULF dice tray. This one will be an exclusive production run for the Kickstarter, comes without any additional branding printed on it, and it’s looking fantastic. (We will have some extra stock created for our webstore, late pledges and so on, but it’s a strictly limited thing)


We also received our first sample of the BEOWULF All Rolled Up. Again, I am very happy with how this came out – they’re beautifully made. These won’t be on sale via anywhere else, apart from the modest number of extras we’re making to cover any late pledges and any emergency replacements needed. 


Here’s a look at the whole set of figures all painted. We added two more miniatures to the set for free as a thank you in response to just how well late pledges have gone. Everyone who has pledged for miniatures will get a set of 9 miniatures – The 8 heroes and the one monster. This means we should make you aware that like the rulebook itself, it will go up in price after the pledge manager closes.

Mould-making is well underway, and we have initial metal figures for our approval. We’re tweaking a couple of things, but we should have photos of metal figures soon.

The miniatures set will come in a nice little box, and we’re about to send the print files off to our printer. Check it out!

Tokens and Compass packaging

We’ve been working with our friends at Campaign Coins (man alive, they’re good at what they do!), to make the packaging for the Tokens and the Compass. Here are the backing cards that will come in each pack.

Viking Dice

Sperate to the BEOWULF Kickstarter but not entirely unrelated – We just took delivery of a stock of very tasty Viking Dice, made by the Dice Dudes. These aren’t part of the BEOWULF campaign, but I figured you might like the look of them! You can grab a set here:

Late pledges for BEOWULF are open now. Get yours before it’s too late!