Friday News Update – and THE THREE COINS is unlocked!

Our £29k a|state stretch goal, THE THREE COINS, is a game within the game, an in-situ RPG played by the denizens of The City.

If you’ve ever been a concept gamer, or if you love old gaming ‘zines and their style, or if you really want to uncover how your characters think and feel and react, how they interact with the City, and what the setting reflects about the characters themselves – then this is your moment of insight. Fully existing within the a|state campaign setting, THE THREE COINS is our RPG Inception.

The Three Coins

Here’s Jon, talking about the idea on our blog. 

And, our next stretch goal is within reach! If we reach £31k, we welcome writer K C Shi to the project. K C has written for the DM’s Guild, as well as Cubicle 7 and Green Ronin. She wrote us an adventure for BEOWULF that we liked so much we’ve invited her back for a|state.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next…

On the subject of BEOWULF, if you missed our friends at Campaign Coins on Twitch, you can catch the first episode of the adventure Horror at Herrogate, now up on their YouTube channel.

Join our Hero Blaedswith in the first episode, ‘The Voyage of the Tuuli’.

And new on DriveThru – ALL the goodies!

Grab the third digital pack of extras for BEOWULF, including Jacob’s magic treasures .pdf, Jon’s sword naming table, VTT tokens for the last monsters from the BEOWULF rulebook, four new and atmospheric tracks for your games, a video tutorial about the interactive character sheet, and a HUGE battlemap of a beach both with and without a ship. 

Beach Battle Map

And while you’re there, don’t forget our WILDERNESS CONSTRUCTION KIT!

Wilderness Construction Kit

This is a set of hand-painted .png tokens that allows you to build endless configurations of VTT wilderness battle maps. This set includes a base map of a large grassy area, onto which you can add a wide assortment of roads, junctions, caves, dips, rocks and more. All sorts of obstacles and adventures await!

(And you can grab Horror at Herrogate, and all our other BEOWULF scenarios, from DriveThru, as well).

AND: we’ve passed 1,000 Twitter followers!

So a big thank you to everyone who’s joined us, and if you jump on over to our profile @GamesHandiwork, you’ll find details of the promised give-away… and there’s only one of these, so don’t mss out!

Unique colourway ARU!

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