Adventure Overview: The Elfshot

The Adventure Overview series takes a look at the various adventures we’ve released for BEOWULF: Age of Heroes. We don’t spoil the adventure but we do tell you a little bit about the adventure setup and its themes.

The Elfshot is an adventure released for BEOWULF, following after Seven Stones. It was written byJacob Rodgers, writer for The One Ring, BEOWULF: Age of Heroes, Ruins of Symbaroum and more. It’s illustrated by our own Jon Hodgson and layout was provided by Paul Bourne.

In this adventure, the Hero explores an abandoned settlement and its surroundings, eventually discovering its people’s fate. The adventure can be resolved several different ways and focuses on investigation and eventual negotiation. Like Seven Stones, it’s designed for a character of 4-5 level (At Handiwork we prefer to give characters a couple of adventures for each level, making sure they’ve had a chance to explore their new features thoroughly before advancing again).

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