A look back 1: The Forest Dragon

We’ve had a bit of a rest from social media and blogging, but let’s get back into it with a wander through the things we make at Handiwork games! Beginning where we began with The Forest Dragon.

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While we’re now better known for our roleplaying games we started our journey with The Forest Dragon games – The Forest Dragon by Rory Age 9 and The Forest Dragon Bang and Twang. Let’s look at The Forest Dragon first.

The Forest Dragon is a game of exploring the forest, pushing your luck to find more forest treasure while trying to avoid the monsters who will take your stuff. The current edition also comes with the Quest givers Expansion – complete the Quest Givers quests and you’ll win more points at the end of the game!

Designed by Rory who was 9 when the game came out – although he was even younger when he designed it! – The Forest Dragon has been an enduring classic for us, and is enjoyed around the world!

• Will you meet the Forest Dragon? 

• Will you have a sword in your hand when you do? 

• Will you find a Golden Coins, a Witch Bottle, or just some Acorns? 

• Will you encounter an Adder Crow, the Bandit King, or a Hungry Ghost? 

• How far into the forest dare you go? And what even is Ghost Milk? (honestly I don’t know, and I’ve asked)

In The Forest Dragon you will create a fantasy world from cards, and then explore it.