The Game Game

The Game Game is a structured educational activity for schools and youth groups. It takes its cues from card games and the ever-expanding world of board game production to generate an engaging decision-making activity.

Board games are experiencing huge growth, and we’re witnessing a cultural shift away from screen-based activities toward sociable group play of more traditional “cardboard” games. A boom in what was originally dubbed “euro-style” board games, with very cleverly designed mechanics, has seen boardgame cafés spring up in towns and cities everywhere. Once-considered “specialist” or “geek” boardgames are now common-place on highstreet store shelves.

In The Game Game, a facilitator leads a group of players through the world of board game production. 

Players take the role of new companies making choices on theme, audience, play time and box size, retail price, in an attempt to sell as many copies as they can! 

What will the buyers want at the four big events in the boardgames calendar? Will the players have chosen wisely?

The Game Game promotes
• Team work
• Numeracy
• Planning 
• Decision making
• Business skills

The Game Game is a straightforward and accessible decision-making exercise for five teams of 3-4 players and a facilitator.

Box Contents: 84 cards – 9 Buyer cards, and 5 sets of Product Cards

The rules need to be separately downloaded here in colour. Here in printer-friendly black and white.

The Game Game
• Ages: 9+
• 5 – 20 Players plus Facilitator
• Playtime: 30 mins – 60 mins