The Meat Spoiler

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The Meat Spoiler is a story scenario for Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland.

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This beautiful 44 page, full colour, soft cover book is the first story scenario for Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland.

Disharmony in a lake-side community has caused the appearance of a meat-spoiling spirit. With winter approaching, and food stores dwindling, can the Maskwitches drive off this malevolent presence and heal the community?

About Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland

Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland is a psychedelic imaginary Mesolithic setting, placing your stories in Forgotten Doggerland – the land that lies drowned beneath the North Sea.

After the end of the last ice age, when the earth warmed and tides began to rise, the place we now call Doggerland was subject to an unimaginably vast tidal wave, and was lost forever. We know precious little about this place, and as such it makes a marvellous location to set the weird tales of the now-forgotten witches.

Written by Jon Hodgson, this standalone RPG is illustrated in conversation with the Midjourney AI. Rather than using Midjourney as some cheap artist replacement or page filler, Maskwitches explores what this strange tool can do in partnership with an artist.

The artist prompts, and then responds to the results, and gradually a whole world unfolded.

We have created hundreds of evocative and unusual art pieces giving us a glimpse through the keyhole of time into a distant past imagined by a piece of very 21st century technology. The process of creating Maskwitches was an art piece in and of itself.

In The Silver Road each character has two things they’re good at and two things they are bad at. In Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland, these take the form of the masks the witches wear, and amulets they carry. Witches are able to trade and change their masks, making their characters’ identities extremely fluid.

Players take the role of witches who respond to the problems of the hunter gatherer communities of Forgotten Doggerland. Problems which frequently manifest into strange and horrific creatures which much be defeated in ritualised magical warfare.

This product contains images created in collaboration with the Midjourney AI, on a paid subscription, using no artist names as prompts. The images were subsequently upscaled, graded and processed in photoshop. Many have hand-painted post-work applied by a professional artist.

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