The Forest Dragon Faerie Mischief Expansion


An Expansion for “The Forest Dragon by Rory Age 9”

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Look out! The Faeries! This expansion for the Forest Dragon Card Game brings the random and chaotic antics of the Faeries to your game. With 18 new cards and an instruction card, this expansion shuffles right into your main deck, and mayhem will doubtless results! WARNING: These cards are truly mischievous and can cause Faerie-rage in young or highly strung players! Prepare to lose all your items, swap backpacks with another player, collect flowers, give a load of items to the player with the least points, or take a Wild Midsummer Wolf Pig Ride! The Faerie Mischief Expansion was specially commissioned by our super-backer Rich, who has generously allowed us to make it available to everyone!

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