a|state poster map of The City


A poster map of The City

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The City – dystopian setting of a|state.
A sepia tone world lit by guttering gas lamps and flickering electrified filaments. Stinking canals radiate out through The City, thick with the detritus of untold millions of lives. Dank alleys wind between corroding concrete tower blocks; wide boulevards swarm with peddlers, traders, thieves, and marks.

Welcome to The City. A world of contrasts and contradictions. The citizens live their lives in a tangle of technological obscurity. In crumbling brick tenements, they crowd round dim televisions and crackling talkboxes. In the factories, workshops, mills, and mines, they toil and strain with rusting, decaying machinery. Above them all, the Trusts stand like gods, islands of privilege in a sea of fish oil, flaking iron, and reeking gas.

With art and graphics by a|state co-creator Paul Bourne, this 45.5x60cm (18″x24″) poster is an in-world artefact showing the canals and districts of The City. They’re printed on heavy paper stock, with matt lamination.

The posters are supplied rolled in a sturdy tube.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45.5 × 0.01 cm

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