Jon Hodgson Map Tiles

Battle maps are awesome! 

Everyone knows that having a wonderful resin scenery set-up, or a fancy neoprene battle mat for those set-piece battles is great

But what about random encounters or locations you haven’t planned for? Or what if (like us) you simply don’t have the budget for loads of scenery? 

And how do you even transport all that stuff to the game anyway? And even then, how do you keep things sufficiently varied?

When we started using maps and miniatures for our RPG games these were questions we had to find answers to. 

And that’s where Jon Hodgson Map Tiles come in. 

Supplied in sets of 30, these double-sided, card-stock map tile sets will fit in a coat pocket and won’t break the bank. 

They’re six inches square – a size we have come to really love for our home games. It’s a great balance of flexibility, allowing you to build very different encounter maps from a few tiles, with extreme portability. 120 tiles will fit in your bag with ease and allow endless setups on the fly.

If you want digital tiles, you can grab them at DrivethruRPG. We recommend if you’re in the US you buy physical tiles there too. For EU and UK orders grab your physical tiles here at our store.

Here’s the bullet points: 

  • 30 tiles per set
  • Various Sets available: Mountain Pass, Forest, Cavern, Heathland and more!
  • Full-colour
  • Double-sided 
  • Printed on 270gsm card-stock
  • Highly connectable within each set
  • 6 inches square
  • Gridded and Grid-free options available 
  • Digital versions available for virtual table tops 

Check them out at the shop! Or if you’re in the US, at Drivethrucards!