Get monsters!

Crafted by an incredibly talented and experienced team, Handimonsters is a Patreon subscription service providing you with a steady stream of completely original, never-before-seen beasties for your 5e games.

Handimonsters features monster rule design by Jacob Rodgers (BEOWULF Age of Heroes, Adventures in Middle-earth, Symbaroum 5e and many more) and Jon Hodgson (BEOWULF Age of Heroes, The One Ring Roleplaying Game, Adventures in Middle-earth and many more), art by Scott Purdy (Pathfinder, Runequest, BEOWULF Age of Heroes and many more) and Jon Hodgson (Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Historical, The One Ring Roleplaying Game and many more) and layout by Paul Bourne (The One Ring Roleplaying Game, BEOWULF Age of Heroes and many more)

There are free monsters, monsters for patrons, and even more monsters for the higher tiers. And not just monsters – they’ll have Virtual Table Top tokens, top-down tokens, paper minis and art cards.

And, even better, every single one comes with a beautiful and original piece of art, plus an inspirational description, just bursting with tabletop ideas.

And you can grab your first monster, FREE!

Go to www.handimonsters.com, and we will take you through the tiers, explain how it works, and how you can subscribe. And you can grab a bunch of FREE monsters!

Handimonsters, bringing the magic of discovery back to your tabletop.

New Monsters Every Month!