BEOWULF Backers/Pre-orders

Latest news on BEOWULF Kickstarter items: July 30th 2021

Dispatch of BEOWULF rulebooks and accessories is happening from 3 hubs. One in the EU, one in the UK and one in the US.

Dispatch of BEOWULF rewards that did not include a book are complete.

The US hub is awaiting BEOWULF books for backers and pre-orders. They’ve been delayed at sea twice, but are now scheduled to arrive in the middle of August. Apologies for the delay – since the books are at sea, and are now caught up in the global shipping crisis caused by COVID 19, there’s very little we can do but wait. It’s very frustrating for everyone.

The EU hub has dispatched all backer rewards. Fulfilment of the Kickstarter to EU addresses is complete! Pre-orders will go out shortly.

The UK hub, which deals with UK and “rest of world” addresses has dispatched all UK rewards, and all UK pre-orders. Rest of World backer rewards and pre-orders are being shipped right now..