BEOWULF Backers/Pre-orders

Latest news on BEOWULF Kickstarter items:

Update May 11th – printed BEOWULF books are in our German warehouse now!

All EU backer copies, late pledges and pre-orders for books will begin very soon.

We will also be sending a consignment of books to the UK and the US in a matter of days.

Currently we are investigating the best method to get other BEOWULF rewards to EU countries to minimise duty payable.

All other rewards are already in the US and UK right now, awaiting books before they are dispatched.

Oak Token Chests
All oak chests that were preordered without tokens or other pre-order items have been dispatched.

We’ll be sending out chests ordered with tokens this week.

Chests ordered with other pre-orders like BEOWULF dice will be sent out together with those preorders when they arrive.

It’s possible you may get your token chest before tokens you pledged for on Kickstarter arrive. That’s because we’re awaiting books before we really get into the serious business of Kickstarter dispatch. But fear not! All is well.