Backdrops Progress Page

Whether you’re a backer or a pre-order customer you can track the progress of picking and packing here!
The backdrops campaign went much larger than we anticipated, but we’re almost done shipping out all copies to backers who filled out their surveys when asked.
We’ll catch up all other backers who missed the survey requirement as soon as these parcels are all sent out.

Web store pre-orders are heading out at the same time – they’re a significantly smaller batch to handle, and are slotting in nicely by territory.

Currently, on the 13th of November, this is the position:

So all backer copies (for backers who did their surveys) will head out this week. Preorders should be done within 7 days.

We are anticipating all outstanding surveys (that are currently complete – some backers are still yet to do their surveys) will be dispatched by November the 24th.